Welcome to Tana Toraja

DaudDaud Rapa is Tana Toraja’s best tour guide.

Fluent in English and French, Daud can help plan your perfect trip to Sulawesi.

Daud can provide privileged access to Toraja’s elaborate funeral ceremonies. He can also arrange public and private transport, airport pick-ups, tours, hiking, rafting, hotels and anything else you need.

Daud now offers homestays with his family just outside Makale, which will allow you to experience life in Toraja, far from the busy tourist trail.

With Daud’s help, your trip to the magical land of Toraja and other regions of Indonesia will be an unforgettable, life-changing experience.

We hope you enjoy exploring this site. If you want to find out more about tours of Tana Toraja, around Sulawesi, and in other parts of Indonesia, please contact Daud and he’ll be happy to help.

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