Explore Tana Toraja, Sulawesi, and Beyond with Daud Rapa
Leave the planning to us!
Choosing the right guide is an important decision.  If you are planning to visit Indonesia, especially Tana Toraja, other areas in Sulawesi, or Papua, we invite you to talk with Daud Rapa about your trip.  Even if you are normally an independent traveler, having a guide in these areas is key to experiencing the culture.  You won't just stumble upon a Torajan funeral ceremony on your own, but more important, your experience wouldn't be the same if you tried.  With an experienced guide like Daud at your side, you will be welcomed by locals, sample the best  local cuisine and experience the hidden sights that other tourists miss.  Daud is a much-beloved guide who can help individuals or groups looking for an extraordinary trip!

eave the planning to us!
  • * Funeral ceremonies in Tana Toraja

* Hiking, rafting, or other outdoor adventures in the beautiful countryside

* Experience the fascinating Torajan culture, including seeing ancient burial caves with "tau-tau" (wooden effigies of the dead), authentic local villages, buffalo fights, and more!

Only an experienced local guide can give this kind of an introduction to the fascinating, beautiful and welcoming culture!

Daud regularly guides visitors through Tana Toraja, other parts of the beautiful island of Sulawesi, and other areas of Indonesia, including the island of Papua.

He can assist with planning your entire trip, including reservations for hotel and local flights. 

Give Daud a call or email him today to discuss your trip or just ask advice!

Let Daud help you make your trip to Indonesia an unforgettable and authentic experience!

Questions?  Email Daud and get his thoughts!
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